The North Carolina Association of School Resource Officers (NCASRO) was formed in 1993 by a small working group including Kenny Williams, CC McGee, and Jim Scifres. The first conference was held in Wilmington, NC in 1994 on the campus of the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Roughly 25 attendees registered on picnic tables out in front of a dorm, where they stayed for the duration of the conference.

As defined in the NCASRO by-laws, the organization is created:

  • For the advancement of education, charity, and any other related or corresponding purposes by the use and distribution of its funds for such purposes.
  • To provide a means to disseminate, share, advise and coordinate information on the value of qualified law enforcement officers to teach elementary, middle, junior high, and high school students on the principles of good citizenship and community responsibilities.
  • To work to reduce school violence by enforcing violations of the law occurring on school property, informing students of the dangers of substance abuse, introducing programs that will promote and enhance acceptable social behavior, and by serving as positive role models.
  • The Association is a non-profit organization composed of an Executive Board including the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President. In addition to the Executive Board, the state is divided into eight regions which all have a representative on the board. The Association also has an Advisory Board of Ex-Officio’s. The NCASRO makes every effort to ensure all members have access to quality training by holding annual training conferences.
  • In accordance with the NCASRO by-laws, elections are held semi-annually during the annual training conference that falls on the even year (ex. 2022, 2024, 2026, etc.).


o Kenny Williams
o CC McGee
o Jim Scifres
o Steven Hall
o Greg Brown
o Lindsay Welch
o Dawn Pardue
o Jim Howard
o Novella Frieslander
o Robbie Whitman
o Todd O’Neal
o Shane Woodall
o Michelle Archer
o Dallas Hicks 

o Scott Drew


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